Our Story

In the beginning Knot Normal created a table and a bench. The table was weathered and without form.   Roughness was upon the face of the table.

We called the roughness rustic, and the formless characteristic.  And everyone saw that it was good.

We divided the Normal from the "Knot Normal" and let that be our foundation.

And we gathered together barn wood and reclaimed wood and said let this be our materials.

We said to let the rough rule over the smooth and let this be for a sign of our distinctness.

In 5 months we created  rustic furnishings from picture frames to lamps. Lamps to custom corn hole boards. Custom corn hole boards to bar tops, bar tops to bunk beds and tables and so on so forth and everyone saw that it was very good. 

For in six months we mirrored a style in the likeness of the original pioneers to have dominion over new age styles of wood work and everyone saw that everything we had done was very good.

In the seventh month we rested and reflected on our work and we're blessed from all we had made.

This was the beginning of Knot Normal when it was created and life was crafted into this business.